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To Look Again

Myosyu Wataru

A Solo Exhibition

Sep 23 - Oct 14, 2023


1545 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles

To Look Again - an exhibition of new work by Kyoto-based Japanese artist Myosyu Wataru (b. 1990, Kyoto, Japan) is his first solo presentation outside of Japan, featuring two bodies of work which employ ceramic boxes and vessels as vehicles for material investigations of time. Drawing from varied influences- from the Japanese metaphorical philosophy of Mitate (to look or to see again), to the discovery of a plaster Moroccan box dating from c. 2 bc, to a childhood fascination with rocks- Wataru looks to the physicality of time in each of these distinguished moments to encourage a new perspective, one that views something old in a new light.


"In a small box, there are things that are unforgettable, things that we cannot forget, but also things that the people to whom we give our treasures cannot forget. The past, the present, and the future are all condensed there. In this way, the small box becomes a memory of the past.”

-Gaston Bashlar, The Poetics of Space

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