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A Special Exhibtion

June 24 - July 8, 2023

1545 W Sunset, Los Angeles

ATLA’s inaugural project introduces Western audiences for the first time, an apparel collection by Vacant/Multiple, a multidisciplinary project space based in Tokyo since 2009.

The exhibition is centered around the Aemon Haori jacket, a collaboration between ATLA and Vacant.
The 'Haori' theme of this exhibition is a proposal for everyday clothing that can be incorporated into Western lifestyles while retaining this Japanese philosophy. Unlike the three-dimensional patterns of the West, Japanese clothes are cut in straight lines, and the contrast accentuates the natural silhouette of the body. They can be worn regardless of changes in body size and can be easily repaired, so they can be worn for a long time.
Based on the traditional haori form, Aemon is an original pattern with a double-layered collar that can be stood up, large cutouts at the cuffs, and other custom details that will blend in with a wider range of lifestyles. Made of a dense fabric woven in a small family-owned factory in Shizuoka, Japan, using traditional methods, they are firm but become more supple as it is used. In addition to the exquisite raw ecru color of the original fabric, two special colors made by traditional mud-dyeing of Amami Oshima are also available.

Aemon comes from an ancient Japanese word for clothing, with the intention of proposing a new standard style that connects the east and west.  In addition to the Aemon Haori jacket, a collection of shirts, pants, jackets, and leather goods designed by Vacant will be exhibited.

All items are handmade in Japan.

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